MSMV has maintained a history of honoring our founder’s wishes of providing opportunities for a Montessori education to everyone in our socio-economically diverse valley.  We make every effort to keep our tuitions low and have always provided financial aid to those who are justly in need.

We understand that from time to time, families may find themselves in need of financial assistance to provide a Montessori education for their children.  The MSMV Financial Aid program was designed to help those families who, without help, would not otherwise be able to afford to send their children to MSMV—families who are using all their resources, making sacrifices, and making wise choices about their spending, but whose income still cannot support the full tuition expense.  For these families, the choice is either apply for financial assistance, or forgo Montessori education altogether.

In order to make financial aid funds available for this purpose, many sacrifices are made by others in our community.  MSMV keeps an extremely tight budget, and is very thoughtful with our resources. Resourcefulness is applied to significantly reduce expenses without compromising the quality education our children deserve.  Alumni and current families have sacrificed time, money and energy fundraising not only to provide some financial aid monies, but to cover operating expenses tuition alone cannot.

By requesting a financial aid application, you indicate that you find yourself in financial distress. We ask that, when times are better for you, you remember the sacrifices that others have made to help you now and “pay it forward” by financially supporting the MSMV Financial Aid program to help future families whose financial situations are strained.

Our Financial Aid policies require that no more than 50% of a family’s tuition be reduced by any and all discounts and financial aid.  This does not guarantee a 50% Financial Aid award; 50% is the maximum allowable.  Any awards are determined based on degree of need, the number of applicants, the number of students affected, our budget and projected resources, among other factors.

Financial Aid Applications for the following school year must be turned in by May 1 of the previous school year, and must be accompanied by all required documentation (as outlined in the application).  Applications which are turned in after the deadline, are incomplete, or do not have all documentation will not be considered.

MSMV does not offer scholarships or financial aid based on academic performance.

*Please note that you must already be enrolled at MSMV to apply for financial aid. This means, we must have received your signed enrollment contract and Advanced Tuition Deposit.