As a parent today, you have more choices than ever when selecting a school for your child.  And today’s education looks entirely different than the one you had—more emphasis on testing, on rankings, on reward.

Every parent wants to be a great parent.  And with that comes a lot of pressure—pressure to make all the right choices, to offer all the best possibilities, to prepare all the correct paths for your child.  All of this, while balancing your career, your relationships with family and friends, and your household.

In a Montessori school, the home-like environment and family-style peer groupings is a wonderful place for the dreams you have for your child to be realized.  Starting at age three, for a few brief hours each day, your child will test their wings of independence, learning to make choices and developing perseverance and grit.  And you can be confident that our highly qualified teachers will respect and treat your child a unique individual. 

Your child’s interests and internal drive to learn will take the lead, and the teachers in the carefully prepared environments will gently guide your child through a rich, challenging, and integrated curriculum through use of hands-on materials.  Social responsibility and courtesy will be modeled by the adults and the older children in the classroom, to nurture the compassion and kindness intrinsic to children.

Yes, Montessori education is probably very different than the schooling that you remember from your own childhood.  To help you understand the choice you have made, and to give your child the best opportunity for success at MSMV, we provide an enrichment program for parents at every level in our school.

Once your child is enrolled, we offer a Parent Orientation with the Head of School and/or the classroom teachers as your guide.  This is where you learn the ins and outs of daily life at MSMV.  These orientations are held just prior to or within the first week of school, depending on the classroom level.  We require attendance of all new MSMV parents.

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