As part of the Montessori Method’s whole child educational approach, our school provides parents with enrichment opportunities so that they understand how the Montessori Method works in order to fully support your child’s education both at school and at home.

The following educational events are traditionally presented each year:

The Journey - Experience what it is like to receive a lesson, explore the Montessori materials, and discover for yourself how it feels to be a Montessori student. Parents become the students, receiving lessons and exploring Montessori materials starting in the Primary classroom and “graduating” to each successive level.  A perfect way to understand how your child spends their day in this unique learning environment. This one day event is held each fall and is required for all parents who are new to the Montessori Method, recommended for parents whose children are starting a new level.  Onsite child care is not provided for this event.

Primary Parents Night/VIP Night - A chance to let your child be the guide through their Montessori experience.  Primary students come to school in the evening and allow their parents to observe them working as they do each day in school.  Elementary students demonstrate areas of interest and spend time going over their work portfolios with their parents. 

Conferences - Parents attend school twice a year on designated days by appointment to learn about student progress both academically and socially.  Teachers provide written progress reports, and some student work may be reviewed.  This event is required for parents of all students. Onsite child care for enrolled students is provided free of charge for the duration of the parent appointment.

Evening of Thanks - Every student in the school performs at our Evening of Thanks celebration at the end of every school year.  The purpose is for the children to thank parents for supporting and encouraging their Montessori education.  The class performances are all based on an area of study the children have enjoyed during the school year and the ideas are usually student generated.  Fun for the whole family!  This event also coincides with our Crossing Over (graduation) ceremony.

Additional Parent Enrichment events are scheduled periodically based on student need, parent interest, and available resources.  Information regarding these events is included in our school newsletter and on our calendar.