MSMV Summer Camp 2023
MSMV is excited to announce Summer Camp programming for all currently-enrolled students.

Camp Costs:
Half-Day Primary Students: $80/week (Monday-Thursday, 8:30 a.m. - noon)
Kindergarten Graduates and Above (school-aged students): $120/week


Week 1: Gardening and Plant-Based Nutrition
Science/Environmental and Nutrition Education utilizing MSMV’s 7-acre campus and resources.

Week 2: The Science of Physical and Chemical Changes
Science/Chemistry, exploration of the Scientific Method, and cause and effect of physical and chemical changes.

Week 3: Engineering and Building
Designing and building structurally sound bridges, forts, bird houses, etc.

Week 4: Art and the Science of Colors
Art activities utilizing the color spectrum and the science of colors.

Week 5: Art History, Artists, and Art Mediums
Art projects in various mediums while studying artists and art history. *Possible field trip to The Butler Institute of American Art

Week 6: Music - The Basics and Beyond (ft. special guests!)
Rhythm, notes, instruments, various music lessons, and visits from musicians and music teachers.


 Current Families: If you did not recieve a summer camp form, please contact the office to register!