A brief and beautiful look at MSMV and the Montessori Method of Education.

Montessori: For A Better World

Why do we Montessori?

Sing Peace Around the World

Each year, MSMV students join children around the world to sing for peace, celebrating the United Nations International Day of Peacce.

Primary Education (ages 3-6) at MSMV

Get a glimpse of the wonderful learning experiences your child can have in the Montessori Early Childhood cycle, beginning at age 3, at MSMV.

Lower Elementary (ages 6-9) at MSMV

The Lower Elementary classroom (ages 6 to 9) picks up where the Primary experience leaves off, building on its foundation, and engaging children in joyful learning for life. Enjoy this sneak peek at what the program has to offer your child.

Upper Elementary (ages 9-12) at MSMV

The Upper Elementary program inspires and encourages deeper exploration, the ability to thoroughly conceptualize, and an inexhaustible enthusiasm for service projects and community leadership.

MSMV Parent Perspective:
the 3-6 Classroom

Hear a first-hand account of one parent's reaction after observing in an MSMV Primary Classroom for the first time.

Inside the
Montessori Classroom

Take a glimpse at the vibrant and nurturing environment that children of all ages experience in a Montessori classroom. 

Montessori Kindergarten:
The End of the 3 Year Cycle

Learn why the Montessori kindergarten year--the third and final year of the Montessori Early Childhood cycle--is a foundation for life.

Peace Education

John Hunter, creator of the World Peace Game, shares his thoughts about peace education and how Maria Montessori's ideals of the prepared environment and following the child can lead to new discoveries for students and educators alike.

Montessori Elementary Classes

Learn how the Montessori Elementary years--ages 6 through 12--prepare children intellectually, emotionally, and socially to navigate the next stage of their educations.

Parents Perspectives

Parents tell you, in their own words, what makes Montessori education special. Go "beyond 2+2" and see the difference that Montessori can make in your child's life.

Living Montessori:
Stephen Curry & Family

NBA superstar Stephen Curry, and his remarkable family, tell us how a Montessori education has helped shape their outlook on life in an exclusive interview, filmed at the Christian Montessori School at Lake Norman where Stephen's mother, Sonya Curry, is the head of school.

The Lion King KIDS

MSMV's Theatre Club performed "The Lion King KIDS" under the direction of parent volunteer Valerie Dill.

Free Pantry Donations

MSMV Theatre Club students collected non-perishable items to donate to 2 local free pantries run by MSMV parents. The students gathered at the school to donate the items to Joe Danyi (Pay It Forward Box located in Struthers) and Michele Nutt (Little Free Pantry located in Mineral Ridge). An Adolescent student gave a wonderful speech, detailing the Montessori culture of Grace and Courtesy, and MSMV students' excitement and passion for kindness and giving.